Coconut Rice with Tempeh and Sweet Potatoes

February 28, 2020  |  Uncategorized

To be fleshed out:

  • Follow this recipe, but add tempeh, and serve with coconut rice: Spiralized sweet potatoes
  • Coconut rice: standard recipe, look up and write down specifics?
  • Additional/shared toppings: avocado, cilantro, green onions, peanuts (or cashews), lime juice
  • Tempeh
  • Sauce: peanut butter, soy, honey, chili flakes, garlic, ginger, a generous amount of rice vinegar (see sweet potato recipe)
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Creamy Chorizo Orzo Pasta

March 2, 2019  |  Uncategorized


  • Half jar of quality tomato basil sauce
  • Half jar of Jamie Oliver red pesto sauce
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 4 garlic cloves, chopped
  • Handful of almonds, chopped
  • 1 chorizo sausage, cut in small cubes
  • Cream (about 3 or 4 tbsp?)
  • Orzo pasta (1 c. for 3 large portions)


  • Start cooking down tomato sauce (add generous amount of olive oil in).
  • Caramelize onions and garlic in butter and olive oil. Deglaze with white wine when needed.
  • Add chorizo.
  • Later, add almonds, rosemary, italian spices.
  • Add mix to tomato sauce, along with red pesto sauce.
  • When pasta almost cooked, add cream to taste.
  • Add salt/pepper to taste. Combine.
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Photo by Ben Konfrst on Unsplash

Up & Down

February 7, 2019  |  Blog

After having mulled over a name, domain name, and theme for this blog, I finally have an excuse to get started. I fractured my right ankle.

Yesterday while bouldering at the climbing gym, I slipped and fell in the way you’re not supposed to, which is unexpectedly and straight down on your feet, with the right foot snapping inwards at a ninety degree angle. It’s really too bad because I thoroughly enjoy walking on that foot, almost as much, if not equally as much, as the other one.

Anyways, I was climbing up, then I fell down. It’s very clever and ties in neatly with the domain name. And that may as well be the theme: stuff goes up, stuff goes down, around and around, shit happens, and then it keeps on happening. Not much of a theme, but I’m rolling with it, since the other name I had was even more on the nose.

So anyways, I thought yesterday was an enough interesting experience to write it down.

It’s quite the talent to not think of pain as a purely negative thing, but while in the thick of it, it’s harder to be philosophical.

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